Some stunts take guts of steel and make your head spin. This one isn’t for you if you are scared of heights because just watching Fabio Wibmer ride along the hand rail on the Kölnbrein dam in Austria may make your stomach turn.

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The view, down into the valley is stunning and as Wibmer leans to keep his balance on a couple of occasions the viewer gets a pretty darn good look straight down. The rider was probably more focused on keeping his balance since he was performing one of the riskier stunts we’ve seen lately.

One of the highest dams in the world, the Kölnbrein is 200 m tall. The point of view shot of Austria trial and mountain bike rider Wibmer balancing along a railing only a few inches thicker than his BMX bike tire is downright impressive and the stunt certainly required buckets of confidence.

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Not only that but on a couple of occasions he wobbles making it seem he was fairly close to losing his balance. Don’t hold your breath because the stunt lasts almost three minutes.


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