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A guy in a panda suit is riding every day this month making a Strava art advent calendar

The rider is an advocate for safe cycling and mental health awareness

Photo by: Earley Panda @EarleyPanda

Strava art is an all-year round topic on the Internet. It seems like every day, someone has gone out and “drawn” something using their bike and the power of GPS.

With Christmas around the corner, Twitter user “Earley Panda” has taken it upon themselves to create 24 days of Strava art. The cyclist from Earley, U.K. is an advocate for safe cycling, male mental health awareness, all the “while spreading joy, waving and masterfully creating GPS Art/ GPS Doodles” according to their bio. Oh, by the way, the Twitter handle isn’t just a fun name, they actually wear a panda suit when they ride. So there’s that.

Strava art created in honour of Michael Woods worlds bronze medal

The rider has been riding their bike around town, creating Christmas-themed Strava art to fill out the 24 days of the Advent calendar.

Check out the first week of Earley Panda’s advent calendar.

December 1

December 2

December 3

December 4

December 5