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A NYC cyclist was deliberately hit by a motorist after calling him a bad driver

The horrifying incident was caught on camera

The popular twitter account, NYC Bike Lanes, posted some terrifying footage of a cyclist who was deliberately hit by a motorist in Manhattan. The incident took place on Fifth Avenue near the Rockefeller Center. According to the account, the rider told the person they were a bad driver. The person behind the car was not amused and then tried to ram the cyclist and their dog. As any cyclist knows, a vehicle bearing down on you is a terrifying thought.

As users on Reddit posted, the driver was essentially using a “two ton vehicle as a weapon against a cyclist and dog on a cargo bike.”

A viral video of a driver assaulting a cyclist is receiving disturbing reactions

Other posters hoped that the bus that was just behind the cyclist would be able to ID the motorist with their dashcam footage. Apparently his bike was destroyed in the attack, and is currently raising money for a new one on GoFundMe.com

According to the NYPD, the rider suffered only minor injuries.  The police confirmed that the car is a grey or silver Jeep.

Road violence seems to be a never-ending threat for cyclists, no matter what country they are in. This latest incident is a reminder that enough is enough. As NYC Bike Lanes tweeted, the attack could have been deadly. As of Tuesday, the driver has not been located.