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A Toronto cyclist had a bad crash on a strange speed bump and no one can figure out why it’s there

Eli Cruz Lopez​ had a terrible accident when he hit the object

Speed bump on a Toronto street Photo by: Mike Whitla @WhitlaMike

Eli Cruz Lopez, a cyclist in Toronto known for prolific training rides in and around the greater Toronto area, had a terrible crash on September 15. The bike mechanic from Curbside Cycle was riding in a cycle track when he hit a speed bump just adjacent to it.

After he hit it, he suffered multiple injuries, including broke ribs and pelvis, as well as damaging his bike.

Many cycling advocates were trying to figure out why the specific speed bump was positioned where it was.

Ben Leow tweeted that the bump may be to slow down cars. “Is the point of this to prevent cars from making fast tight right turns off that side street?”

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The problem, it seems, is that if cars were inching out from the side street, it would force cyclists to go slightly out of the track, and by doing so, would be going directly into the bump itself, creating a very dangerous situation.

According to the City of Toronto, the speed bumps were installed in August. The purpose was to “reduce the turning speed of vehicles and increase the visibility of people walking and cycling to drivers.”

“Rubber bump there serve no purpose for pedestrians, cyclists or motorists. It is a trip hazard for pedestrians (if they choose to cross there), obviously from this thread, a danger to cyclists, and mere nuisance to motorists. Needs to be removed,” Jim Roche tweeted.