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Bow Valley Parkway cycling route returns for three years

Pilot project set to come back in late spring

Photo by: Banff National Park @BanffNP

A popular cycling route on Bow Valley Parkway in Alberta that was made for cyclists during the COVID-19 pandemic is set to return, according to a report in the Calgary Herald.

Cars will not be allowed for 17 km on a portion of the Bow Valley Parkway every day of the week starting May 1, to June 25, and then in the entire month of September.

The pilot, called the “Bow Valley Parkway Cycling Experience” will be on for at least three years.

Banff National Park visitor experience manager Daniella Rubeling said the program was very popular and they are happy to bring it back.

“On that section of roadway we will be restricting access to public vehicles, so cyclists can experience a nearly car-free cycling experience,” Rubeling said. “We’re excited to be able to have people cycle there this spring and again in the fall. What we want people to do is have a safe experience, so we will be encouraging people to park in the Town of Banff and start their cycling experience there.”

The route is also aimed to give cyclists a new way of seeing the park, with wildlife and nature at both sides of them as they ride. “We’re also hoping that people take this as an opportunity to see the park in a new way, to see the parkway in a new way, potentially at a slower pace because some of those hills are a little steep. But we want to see them able to enjoy the national park from the seat of their bike,” she said.

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The hope is that people will park their cars in Banff, and then head on their bikes along the Bow Valley Parkway. More details will soon be posted on how to access the route shortly, Rubeling added. For more information, check out Parks Canada.