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Check out the brutal reaction of this cabbie when a cyclist told them to stay off the bike lane

Rider’s attempt to politely educate driver didn’t go well

cab and cyclist in Cork Ireland Photo by: @righttobikeit

A cyclist in Cork had a shock after gently tapping the side of cab on Wednesday. After squeezing by the car, the rider, @righttobikeit, tried to let the driver know they shouldn’t be stopped in a bike lane. Authorities in Ireland launched a recent Road Safety Campaign urging all drivers to park responsibly and not to park bike lanes. As of February 1, the penalties for motorists who park on cycle tracks increased as a way to deter drivers from parking in them. The fixed charge doubled €40 to €80 for motorists who are parking on cycle tracks.

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After the cyclist let the driver know that they shouldn’t be parking there, the cabbie said that he hit his cab–which as you can see in the video, he clearly didn’t. He then threatened the rider and took off.

The cyclist continues to ride, only to have another altercation with the cab driver, this one much more severe.

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As his bio states,” My helmet and hi-viz won’t guarantee my safety but my Garmin virb 360 camera will guarantee me justice.” Thankfully he got all the evidence on tape, however as others have learned, sometimes that still isn’t enough.