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Check out this absolutely amazing bike parking garage in The Netherlands

Free, secure and underground, it’s a great way to secure your ride

Photo by: @FilmendeFietser

Everyone knows that some of the cycling infrastructure in The Netherlands is off the charts, but this underground parking garage is something else.

In Utrecht, The Netherlands, there are several parking garages in the city centre for cyclists to park their bikes. In the Utrecht Central Station area, there’s even a garage that has 12,5000 parking spots for bikes, the world’s biggest bike parking area.

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It makes sense: according to a 2018 study, there are actually more bikes than people in the country.

With all those bikes, it’s important for people to be able to leave their bike somewhere that is covered, and safe, so they can do their chores.

@FilmendeFietse posted a great video about one of the parking garages. It’s not just about being able to know your bike is in a safe spot, it also means you don’t have to drive. “Parking your bicycle when you go shopping. In Utrecht this is free, covered and guarded in many places. And it only takes a minute or two! That’s time and money spared compared to parking your car and go shopping.”

Given the increased popularity in cargo bikes, the Dutch seem to be aware that there is a need for those types of rides as well.

Even better, he adds, “there is also a special space in this parking facility for cargo bikes and there are bicycle racks with extra space for bicycles with a crate at the front.”