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Check out this incredible underwater bike garage in Amsterdam

The new space can fit over 7,000 bikes

Photo by: McGill Buckley @mcgillbuckley

Amsterdam’s incredible bike infrastructure is famous across the globe, but this latest project definitely takes the stroopwaffel. More than 60 per cent of its population ride their bikes daily, so it’s no surprise they have incredible support for riders.

This absolutely massive underwater bicycle parking hangar opened at Amsterdam’s Centraal Station. It has space for 6,300 personal bikes and an additional 700 for bike shares that are used in conjunction with rail travel. The capacity will be 11,000 bikes when another garage opens in February.

The project took four years and $70 million to complete, but it is already a hit with locals. Dutch people are big fans of such amenities, for obvious reasons. Just look at some of the bike garages in cities like Utretcht, The Netherlands, where you’ll see hundreds of riders in and out on a daily basis.

Check out this absolutely amazing bike parking garage in The Netherlands

It makes sense that the capital of The Netherlands has such a giant facility. An estimated 200,000 people use Amsterdam’s Centraal Station on a daily basis by transit, with half of them arriving by bike. Before the new garage, cyclists would park their bikes in above ground stalls. This one is far more secure and handy for riders.