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Chris Froome is doored on training ride and suffers a “shredded elbow”

Former TdF champion encourages motorists to use Dutch Reach method

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Chris Froome slammed into a car door on Sunday while riding in Monaco, and was left with a pretty bad injured elbow. The Israel-Premier Tech rider said in a TikTok video that the collision happened at the very end of a training ride.

“Yesterday I went out for a lovely Sunday ride. It was stunning, lovely weather, stunning views, but just before I got home, 50 m before my front door, I got doored.Which means as I was riding along, someone in a parked car opened their door right in front of me. It was literally about 1 m in front of me, I didn’t even make it to my brakes,” he said in the video.”I hit the door and went flying over.”

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The British rider then went on to say that to avoid this, drivers should use the “Dutch Reach” approach to exiting doors. Motorists and passengers should use their far hand to open the door, as opposed to their hand closest. By doing this it forces them to turn around and check for cyclists or other vulnerable road users as they open their door.


Ride ended badly with a shredded elbow from getting doored 🤕 #crash #cycling #advice

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“Use the Dutch Reach, it’s extremely helpful and causes a lot less pain to us cyclists and it’s a very simple thing for you guys to do,” Froome said in the video.