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This cyclist was helmet-shamed after a driver hit and dragged him

The police are still looking for the car

Photo by: LAPD

The Los Angeles Police Department released dashcam footage on Wednesday, hoping to find the driver who struck a cyclist in Silver Lake. The hit-and-run occurred Jan. 16 in the afternoon.

In the clip, the cyclist, who is clearly visible to the motorist, is hit from the back . The footage shows the man falling to the ground, and then thankfully, he quickly got up and ran to the sidewalk.

The motorist, however, fled the scene. The rider’s bike was damaged beyond repair.

The cyclist somehow only suffered minor injuries. The vehicle is thought to have front-end damage and is also missing its right front hub cap. There is a $5,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the driver.

Although the crash itself is disturbing, the  reaction  on the dash cam footage to the crash is even moreseo.

Despite the fact authorities are clearly attempting to apprehend the driver, the attitude that the cyclist was somehow in the wrong is worrying. You can watch the entire clip below.