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There’s an absurd article about ‘a dangerous half-wheeling cycling trend’

The silly think piece makes no mention of motorist responsibility

A cyclist and car

There was a very strange article published on Thursday warning people about the dangerous ‘half-wheeling’ cycling trend. The piece is meant to be a warning about safety for road users, except it makes zero sense. At a time when more and more cyclists are being killed by motorists, the take is absurd. Published on Thursday in the Express, the author Felix Reeves makes some extremely silly points.

Social media is to blame?

“The new trend of ‘half-wheeling’ is causing a stir in the cycling community with it becoming more popular this year after going viral on social media. This is when a cyclist chooses to ride half a wheel’s length in front of another cyclist, forcing them to work harder and cycle faster to keep up.forcing them to work harder and cycle faster to keep up,” Reeves writes.

There is no mention of cars going through red lights, not checking blind spots, or driving aggressively. Instead, the piece puts the blame solely on cyclists. “While this is a common technique in cycling road races, it is also a popular tactic for cyclists on the morning commute.”


“This is now being encouraged as this allows cyclists to make themselves as clear as possible to other road users,” Reeves adds. “Cyclists were also reminded that they can ride to abreast, as has always been the case and which can be safer in large groups or with children.”

What about cars?

It gets worse. Every cyclist knows the terrifying feeling of a close pass by a car. And surely as the motorist driving a 2000 kg metal box, there is some onus on them to drive responsibly, right?

Wout van Aert ‘almost killed’ after close pass by honking truck driver

“However, they were told they must be aware of drivers behind them, and allow them to overtake as long as it is safe to do so.” Be aware of drivers? What about motorists?

Nope. Half-wheeling is our concern, apparently.