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Is this photo of a Toronto bike lane the perfect symbolism or what?

The picture will hit home for cyclists around the world

Photo by: Micah Enzlin/Facebook

Cars don’t belong in bike lanes, and yet, every day most riders will experience a motorist parked in one. (Just for two minutes, right?) It’s frustrating, firstly, but it’s also very dangerous. It means a cyclist is forced into traffic and harm’s way.

Despite incredible parking officers in the city like Erin Urquhart who has become a TikTok celebrity due to her countless tickets given, Toronto drivers still don’t get the message.

This parking officer is the absolute GOAT when ticketing cars in bike lanes

In November, a cycling advocate even made a satirical sign telling folks that it’s perfectly fine to park in bike lanes. In 2021, parking officers issued 16,942 tickets for drivers obstructing bikeways in Toronto. That was a 125 per cent increase compared to 2020.

And who could forget the overzealous citizen that  created a fake detour to slow down cyclists. A Toronto spokesperson investigated, and later said that it was not placed by any city worker. The obstacle was then removed, thankfully.

There was even a cyclist earlier this year who had enough with drivers in bike lanes. A very irate cyclist threw his bike at a vehicle after they saw them in a cycle track.

This guy has had enough of cars driving in the bike lane

“This mod yute on bloor attacked someone’s car with his bike because they told him to stay in the bike lane,” the caption on the Instagram read.

On Tuesday, Micah Enzlin was out in the city and took the perfect picture that sums up the situation for many cyclists.