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Nova Scotia announces rebates for e-bikes

Government hopes to promote both sustainability and exercise

The Government of Nova Scotia will now  be offering rebates to people who buy e-bikes. In a release on the provincial website, the rebates are said to improve energy efficiency and also more people to purchase e-bikes.

“Nova Scotia is a national leader in fighting climate change by reducing emissions,” said Chuck Porter, Minister of Energy and Mines said. “Use of electric vehicles and bikes can build on our successes by reducing transportation emissions even further.”

Ebikes are now exempt from PST in B.C.

The rebate program is now accepting applications for rebates on new and used electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and e-bikes.

The intent of the program is to allow Nova Scotians with varying income levels to take part in the shift to clean transportation. The government also posted that buyers of new electric vehicles who qualify for the federal government’s Zero-Emission Vehicles program are also eligible for the provincial rebate.

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“We are pleased to see e-bike rebates, which will support a cleaner, more active future for our province.” Erin Burbidge, director of program and policy, Clean Foundation, said.

A $500 rebate is available for e-bikes with a retail value of $1,200 and higher. The rebate program is in addition to the $5,000 federal rebate available for a new electric vehicle.

Rebate program information is available on the Clean Foundation’s electric vehicle information website.