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Riding into the massive Amsterdam underwater cycling garage is incredible

BBC correspondent on a bike Anna Holligan shows the incredible venue

Photo by: Anna Holligan/Twitter

The brand-new underwater bicycle parking hangar opened at Amsterdam’s Centraal Station in January and it truly is something else. The garage has room for 6,300 personal bikes and an additional 700 for bike shares that are used in tandem with rail travel. When it’s all done, the capacity will be 11,000 bikes. The hangar took four years and $70 million to complete, and it’s simply stunning.

Anna Holligan, the BBC foreign correspondent who is famous for reading the news while she rides her bike, rode into the submarine bike facility to show everyone just how fabulous it is. The Scottish journo has a morning segment she does daily called “Dutch news from the cycle path.”

This isn’t the first such facility in the Netherlands. There’s an even bigger bike garage in Utrecht, where you’ll see hundreds of riders in and out on a daily basis.

Check out this absolutely amazing bike parking garage in The Netherlands

Check out the video of her first ride into this amazing bike hangar below.