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These Toronto residents are purposefully blocking bike lanes

Cyclists were mystified by the strange obstruction

Photo by: KrollRussell

Several Toronto cyclists were confused when they discovered a series of pylons in the bike lane that would cause riders to have to dismount and remount. It seemed like a strange place to put them, seeing as there was no obstacle, as is sometimes the cause for such a diversion. Others were frustrated as the “detour” was so narrow it would not allow for cargo bikes.

The conversation began when Russell Kroll tweeted to the city of Toronto asking what was the purpose of the pylons. “Can anyone explain why this has been in the Bloor street bike lane for over a week? Forces cyclists to come to a near full stop to make the 180 degree turn. Causes a bunch of bicycle traffic, for no apparent reason.”

A Toronto spokesperson investigated, and eventually confirmed that it was not placed by any city worker. Following the tweets, the obstruction was ultimately taken down…only to be put back again by a resident.

“So this guy came around a moment later and put it all back,” Kroll tweeted. The resident explained to Kroll that it was a measure to slow down cyclists. “He informed me that this is put in place to “slow cyclists down” after “2 seniors have been injured by cyclists.” Also said a group called BIA has a permit for this obstruction.”

Kroll then asked to see the permit. “I asked to see the permit, and he said he didn’t have it himself, and he was acting on behalf of the BIA. Later I asked what his position was, and he said he was the head of BIA. I asked him, as the head of the BIA, again for the permit. He again told me to call their office.”

Following that, Kroll went ahead and called both the BIA and city councillor Gord Perks. Having received what he called a “non-answer” from the BIA, it seems that the city of Toronto took action and removed the obstruction. “The obstruction is not only clear, but all the materials are gone! I declare victory. Weekend is off to a good start. Ride on!” Kroll tweeted.