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This guy took a radar gun to Toronto’s High Park to check the speed of cars

Police have been focusing on cyclists in this area. Yet, the velocities of the motorized vehicles are something else

A radar gun Photo by: James McLeod

Police have been patrolling High Park, Toronto for cyclists going over the 20 km/h speed limit, so James McLeod decided to borrow a radar gun to see how fast the cars were going.

There continues to be a heavy police presence in the park, despite the fact that a block away there have been several car-related collisions with cyclists and pedestrians.

On August 3, a police officer who was ticketing cyclists who rolled through stop signs, actually hit a rider himself. “Last night while harassing people on bikes in High park, an officer hit a cyclist in a bike lane,” The Biking Lawyer, David Shellnutt tweeted. “The officer failed to stop at a stop sign and yield the right of way. Sun was in his eyes apparently. Cyclist ok but property damage. Officer not charged.”

It didn’t take long for McLeod that it’s not just cyclists speeding in the park.

Car after car was going over the speed limit.

It didn’t matter what part of the park he was in, cars kept going over the speed limit.

He made sure to stand directly under a speed limit sign so there was no confusion.

Even a city of Toronto worker was speeding in the park.

McLeod stayed there for a while, and he kept tracking cars going faster than they are allowed.

Now to be fair, there was one motorized vehicle in the park that was obeying the law.