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This might be a world record for delivery trucks parked in a Toronto bike lane

It’s basically impossible to pass

Photo by: NotSafe4BikesTO @NotSafe4BikesTO

If you ride in a city you know that you have to always be on guard for cars or trucks parked in bike lanes. But this situation in Toronto may take the cake. There’s been a lot of discussion about alternatives for delivery trucks in cities, and how there are not a lot of loading zones, which creates difficult situations. That being said, the law still states that there are very few times where a car can stop in a bike lane.

In 2021, Toronto parking officers issued 16,942 tickets for drivers obstructing bikeways in Toronto, which is a whopping 125 per cent increase compared to 2020.

Do Toronto delivery trucks get law-bending parking privileges?

The only times vehicles can stop briefly in a bike lane are as follows:

– Moving into or leaving a private lane or driveway adjacent to the bicycle lane.
– Making a right turn at a road intersecting the bicycle lane.
– Entering or exiting a curb lane used for parking.
– Loading or unloading of a person with a disability, while actively engaged in doing so.
– Operating a school bus while actively engaged in picking up or dropping off school children.
– Operating a taxicab while actively engaged in loading or unloading of passengers.

The ticket for drivers parking in a bike lane in Toronto costs $150, but clearly that doesn’t seem to be a deterrent.

Either way, that means that the situation below is definitely no bueno.