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This truck is so big a woman needs an actual trampoline to get inside

Cycling advocates warn that as cars get bigger, visibility gets poorer

A woman jumping on a trampoline to get in her truck Photo by: @jedweeks

It seems that some SUVs and trucks continue to get bigger in size, despite gas prices and fuel economy concerns. Of course, some people need trucks to transport goods for work, and it’s their choice how big of a vehicle they want to buy, or how much gas they can use. But many are saying that some trucks are getting so big that it can have a very negative effect on how motorists can see vulnerable road users such as pedestrians or cyclists.

Photo: @kylosyitties

In many cities in Canada there has been an uptick in traffic fatalities caused by dump trucks. Due to the nature of the design of the cab, the blind spots for drivers are greatly reduced as well as how much they can see in front of them. Some are calling for changes to larger trucks, similar to how some school buses have changed with a flatter windshield to allow drivers to have a better view of what’s directly in front of them.

There have been some changes to trucks used in cities so it creates safer spaces for cyclists and pedestrians. Take this garbage truck, for example.

Many advocates say that the larger trucks need even bigger mirrors to allow them to see not only cyclists, but smaller cars that can effectively “hide” in the blindspot and be invisible to the driver.

Either way, you have to wonder if your truck may be a smidge too big if you need to do a grand jeté every time you want to go get milk. Check out the jump this woman has to do to get in her giant truck below.