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Toronto cycling community holds ghost ride for Kartik Saini

Cyclist killed by driver making illegal right turn

Photo by: David Shellnutt

On Wednesday night several hundred cyclists braved the cold and wind to escort a ghost bike memorial to the site of Kartik Saini’s death. The tweny-year-old college student was killed last Nov. 30 when a pickup driver hit and dragged him.

Saini was an international student from India, and had just arrived in Toronto in September of 2021. The truck driver was was heading west on St. Clair Avenue and turned right to go north on Yonge Street. Saini was crossing Yonge Street and heading eastbound. Right turns are not allowed between 4 and 6 p.m. during the week at that intersection.

David Shellnutt, also known as The Biking Lawyer, was there and summed up the memorial ride. “Though the occasion was sad and somber, the cycling community really pulled together in a show of force for Kartik and for safe streets,” he said. “There is a palpable feeling of outrage that charges still haven’t been laid, at least for the illegal right turn that killed Kartik. Investigations ongoing or not, it seems clear to everyone this obvious infraction should be addressed forthright.”

As the Toronto Star reported, the family back home is devastated. Shellnutt says the pain will be felt by so many of those who knew him. “In these cases, through the driver’s accident benefits insurance, funeral costs and family psychological supports are payable without much delay. We hope that the family has retained counsel, and these supports are being pursued.”

According to the reports, there seems difficulty repatriating Kartik’s body to India. Shellnut said he would hope his family’s counsel and relevant authorities remedy this without delay. “Losing a loved one to road violence is incredibly traumatic, it need not be exacerbated by delays, lagging investigations, and silence from the authorities.”