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Watch the TikTok of this parking officer nab two trucks parked in Toronto bike lanes

Erin Urquhart is the hero we need

Toronto bike officer catches illegal parking Photo by: Erin Urquhart @TPS_BikeHart

If you follow Bike Lane Twitter, you must have heard of Erin Urquhart, who has become a TikTok celebrity for her incredible ticketing of vehicles parked illegally. Urquhart uses her platform to not only show just how fast she can cite motorists in bike lanes, but to educate. The Toronto Parking Officer points out that cars occupying bike lanes even “for two minutes” creates a very dangerous situation for vulnerable road users.

She also reminds drivers how expensive tickets can be, in the hopes to deter them from such an offence. On Tuesday, Urquhart was riding in Toronto and noticed not one, but two trucks parked in a bike lane. By drivers doing this, it creates a perilous path for cyclists. It means riders have to go into traffic.

The first truck driver sees the ticketing officer and quickly flees the scene, as it were. It’s then Urquhart sees there’s a Purolator delivery truck parked right in front of it. It’s then she springs into action.

Check out how she handles the incident below.