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You can now get transported to the cemetery on a cargo bike hearse in Paris

The new option for getting to your final resting place

Hearse bike Photo by: @jonburkeUK

These days it seems cargo bikes can deliver pretty much anything…including, it seems, you and your casket. In Paris, there is a very different looking cargo bike that has been spotted in the city. It’s called the  Corbicyclette, a play on the the French words for hearse–corbillard–and bicycle.

The idea came from Isabelle Plumereau, who runs a funeral home called The Sky and the Earth.

The cargo bike is large enough to take an adult casket from the funeral home to the cemetery.

“The Corbicyclette is to propose a new ritual for families that I accompany, especially at the cemetery,” Plumereau said in an interview with Euronews. “It allows for a slow, silent, quiet procession, to the rhythm of the steps of the people who walk behind and who make the procession.”

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Her goal is add more sustainable options in the funeral industry, by using a smaller carbon footprint. The bike is two meters long and has electrical assistance, in case the funeral director’s legs get tired on some of those tough little rises in the City of Lights.