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Ask Oli: Finding the right training partner

Find a partner for riding who will push and motivate you, who is enjoyable to spend many hours chatting with and who suits your style of riding

Ask Oli: Who are you racing for next year?

Well, Quick-Step said no, so I had to explore other options.

Ask Oli: Group Rides

Finding the right group ride for you has plenty of value including improving your fitness, riding skills, making new friends and of course good coffee stops

Ask Oli: Manitoba cyclochops, is Winnipeg the cyclocross capital of Canada?

Canadian Danick Vandale skillfully chopped blocks of wood mid-race as a handicap

Ask Oli: Rider insurance

Before travelling abroad to participate in an event or race, check your insurance policy

Ask Oli: Why do you ride in normal clothes?

To just keep things casual

Ask Oli: Rushing progress

Recently, I’ve felt fortunate to have a few young riders approach me to discuss their next steps with regard to their progression in the sport.