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BC Bike Race 2014: Day 5 – Sechelt to Langdale

Thursday’s stage of the 2014 BC Bike Race was only 40 km, but had more than 1,100 m of climbing. […]

BC Bike Race 2014: Day 4 – Earls Cove to Sechelt

The heat has started to take its toll on riders at the BC Bike Race. The medical tent was busy treating dehydration, which affected many riders. An extra feed zone was added for Day 4 to try to combat the intense need for extra fluids. The stage’s climbing was more than 1,400 m and mainly on exposed hydro corridors. I really like how the race uses these monstrous swaths of land in the race, as they are the only stretches where you have unimpeded views of riders minutes ahead and behind.

BC Bike Race 2014: Day 3 – Powell River

If you have been contemplating riding the BC Bike Race, Tuesday’s stage should tip the scales for you. The speeds are higher, the climbing not as epic, but the fun factor is off the charts. Base camp was campground beside the water, which added to the overall vibe here. The end of this stage brings the distance completed to 132 km with 172 km remaining, and the altitude gained 3,400 m with 5,300 m left to go.

BC Bike Race 2014: Day 2 – Cumberland

Back here at the BC Bike Race, we are now a beautiful ferry ride away in scenic Cumberland B.C. I awoke far too early as has been the case since I arrived Friday. But I don’t mind catching the sunrise before I roll out to find the tasty coffee that is in plentiful supply here at base camp. After a quick breakfast, the riders were summoned to the start line on Cumberland’s charming and historic main street.

BC Bike Race 2014: Day 1, North Vancouver

My first day of riding is complete.  The race started in waves using a self-seating system, which let riders estimate […]

Review: Lapierre XR 729 e:i

While Lapierre’s XR platform has been out for a couple years, it has been rare in North America. The cross […]