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6 secrets to be faster and fitter

To really improve on the bike, change your habits, for the better

The importance of sleep for your cycling performance

Tips from a specialist for better sleep since getting a good nights rest is just as important as training and nutrition

Find more power by pedalling out of the saddle

Standing will deliver big results on the bike

6 tips to get faster and gain the last 10 per cent

Ways to help you upgrade your category, win a race or simply ride with ease

The right coach: When is it time to get training help and what type is best for you?

There are many styles of coaches and each can help you improve in a different ways

Get off your bike to get better on your bike

A variety of activities will make you fitter, faster and healthier

Preview of the new UCI cyclocross World Cup in Iowa

Riders to watch include Catharine Pendrel, Sanne Cant, Michael van den Ham and Wout Van Aert

CrossVegas kicks off the cyclocross World Cup season with a strong field

Nash, Cant and Pendrel will line up in the elite women’s race, while van Aert, Vanthourenhout and Kabush will race in the men’s event

World champion van Aert and Antonneau win at Trek CXC Cup on Day 2

Organizers hope the event will be promoted to the World Cup circuit in the future

Katie Compton and Steve Chainel win on Day 1 of 2016 Trek CXC Cup

Watch the C1 race live on Sunday

Batty, Zandstra seal XC Canadian national titles in Baie-Saint-Paul

Fincham, Hanford seal junior titles while Peter Diseria and Catherine Fleury win under-23 category

Preview of the 2016 Canadian cross country championships

Batty, Smith, Walter, Gagné, Bouchard and Guthrie are riders to watch

Guthrie and Batty take wins at the 2016 Hardwood Canada Cup

The fourth round of the national series had exciting racing as riders prepare for worlds

Use micro-goals to make big improvements

Process goals can help you get the most out of your daily training

Horseshoe 2016 Canada Cup race recap

The third round of the Canada Cup delivered close and exciting races

Mont Tremblant 2016 Canada Cup race recap

The 22nd edition of the Tremblant Canada Cup, the longest running nationally sanctioned event in Quebec

Increase your speed tolerance

Intimidated by going fast? Here’s how to get comfortable with higher velocities

How to make the most of your spring training trip south of the border

Prepare for spring training camp and schedule the camp properly so you can do big rides without the risk of time off the bike or injury.

Canadian cyclocross riders continue to build on work done at home and abroad

The first major project for the working group was to boost our riders’ experience with European racing over the month of January.

Parcours Institute creates professional certification for aspiring pro cyclists

The Parcours Institute aims to give young cyclists a well-rounded education in all the skills required to succeed as professionals.

Ride over roots with confidence with these tips for staying in control

Roots are notorious for grabbing wheels and throwing mountain bikers to the ground.

Improve your handling skills by going underground

As winter approaches, riders in all climates must find different ways to keep training. For those in northern climates, workouts […]

From the Archives: A beginner’s guide to cyclocross

Cyclocross solves the fall-weather cycling issue by taking elements of road and mountain biking – pavement, gravel, grass, singletrack – and putting them together on courses, mostly in parks.

2015 Interbike Highlights – Day 2

Powertap released a 3rd type of powermeter. The C1 chain-ring (not crank) based power-meter. Fits on a wide range of alloy and carbon cranks (5 Bolt – 110BCD). The power is based on motion sensors on the chain-rings so no other sensors need to be installed.

2015 Cyclocross World Cup #1 – CrossVegas

The opening act for the 2015 Cross vegas featured several amateur and industry races with large fields that included legends of the sport, like Gary Fisher, and several riders who do well on the domestic UCI and local scenes.

2015 Interbike Highlights – Day 1

Interbike kicked off today in Vegas. Dealers from around the world are in town to display their product to dealers. […]

2015 Cross Vegas – World Cup #1 Preview

CrossVegas is set to host the first ever North American round of the Cyclocross World Cup, Wednesday night in Las […]

Preventing concussions: Skills and strategies for staying safe on the bike

As athletes and coaches, we can reduce concussions and other injuries by ensuring that our skills are at – or above – the demands of our sport.

Whistler Crankworx Hosts Canadian XC Finals

Whistler’s Crankworx festival hosted another successful cross-country finals on Friday. With the huge Crankworx festival going on, the cross-country crowd had a chance to demonstrate their skills and fitness in-front of a bigger audience then usual.

Giro Montaro Trail Helmet Featuring MIPS

With trail and enduro riding being so popular over the last few season GIRO’s latest helmet offerings the Montaro, and female version Montara, have created a new standard in mountain bike helmets.

2015 Crankworx Enduro – Results, Photo, Story

The 2015 Whistler World Enduro did not disappoint. After the 2014 ‘Crank-Zilla,’ the 2015 event presented new challenges with several technical stages, including stage 2 which past E.W.S. Whistler winner Jared Graves dubbed the hardest Whistler Stage in history.

2015 Crankworx Enduro Preview

Coming up this Sunday at Crankworx Whistler is the Open Enduro . There is a great Canadian presence in the Open […]

2015 Crankworx Whistler Fat Tire Crit

Thousands of spectators and competitors are in Whistler for the next 10 days as Canada’s most exciting mountain bike festival–Crankworx–started Friday August 7th with the Fat-Tire Crit.

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015, Stage 7: Lessons from a hard-earned 4th place

Saturday’s Bald Eagle stage concluded the 2015 Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic seven-day stage race. Despite being a relatively short stage, […]

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015, Stage 6: Staying motivated

We’re almost done with a long, hard week at Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic—it’s been a great week, but my legs […]

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015, Stage 5: The importance of planning

On Thursday, it was onto Stage 5 at Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic stage race in State College, Penn. This stage was […]

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015, Stage 4: Go hard, for the fun of it

Endurance racing resumed Wednesday at the Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic with the “gravel day.” High-speed pack riding and mixed terrain […]

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015, Stage 3: Enduro day

We’re almost at the halfway mark of the seven-day Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic in Emmaus, Penn., and it’s the enduro stage.

Hacking the gran fondo: It’s the little fixes that will get you through the long distance

If you’re a cyclist who has to juggle work, family, a busy life and riding, you might be a bit […]

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015, Stage 2: Getting aero and keeping doubt at bay

Welcome back to my report from 2015 Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic, a seven-day mountain bike stage race in central Pennsylvania. My intent […]

Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic 2015: Stage 1 report and analysis

The Trans-Sylvania Mountain Bike Epic kicked off with an individual time trial Sunday near State College, Pennsylvania. A seven-day race is […]

Trans-Sylvania Epic 2015: A 7-day MTB stage race or a ‘singletrack summer camp’

The 2015 racing season is in full swing and one of North America’s best mountain bike stage races is ramping […]

How to mount your bike for cyclocross

Many new ’cross racers fear landing on their groins during the traditional cyclocross mount. This fear and lack of practice result in slow, inefficient and dangerous movements during races. To improve your mount, start by standing beside your bike, with your left hand on the handlebar and your right hand on top tube.

How to shoulder your bike for cyclocross

Shouldering the bike is not as common as dismounting, mounting or cornering, but is still a great skill to have. You should shoulder the bike when the ground becomes inefficient for pushing the bike or when you have to carry for a long time (for example, up a stair run-up). Your bike can’t have bottle cages if you are going to throw it on your shoulder.

How to dismount your bike for cyclocross

Dismounting is important in cyclocross because almost every race has barriers or run-ups that will force you off the bike. To set up a great dismount, stand with your weight on your left foot and the left pedal at 6 o’clock in the stroke. Unclip your right foot, swing it around the back of the saddle and rest it behind your left foot and pedal as you coast toward the obstacle.