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Giro di Burnaby finds new title sponsor

The Giro di Burnaby will be healthily funded for the next three years after finding a new title sponsor in […]

Bixi financial books opened in bankruptcy hearing

Bixi was finally forced to open their financial books at a bankruptcy hearing that started this week. The Montreal company […]

Cyclists ride harder outdoors

There’s new research to get you off the trainer and outside. New research published in the Journal of Strength and […]

Simulation determines how to best spend on bike infrastructure

The city of Auckland, New Zealand, has used a new simulation method to figure out the best way to spend […]

Edmonton city councillor looking to move bike lanes

Edmonton city councillor Mike Walters wants many of the Ward 10 bike lanes moved, some which were only installed this […]

Third time’s a charm for paved shoulders bill?

One Ontario member of provincial parliament is hoping the third time really is a charm for paved highway shoulders. In […]

Squamish mountain biking scene generates $8 million annually

The mountain biking scene in Squamish, B.C., pulls in a lot of money for the community, about $8 million by […]

What is lactate threshold?

Many cyclists have done some form of interval training. Interval training works by taking advantage of lactate threshold and your […]

Sports drinks usually not necessary

Olympic medallists Simon Whitfield and Clara Hughes have teamed up with CBC Marketplace to put sports products to the test. […]

Richmond to expand bike network

The city of Richmond, B.C., is looking to spend $100,000 to upgrade a multi-use path between Dorval and Lucas Roads. […]

Explaining VO2 max

As an athlete myself, I had an idea what VO2 max was and how it played a role in training, […]

Cyclist-driver altercation in Vancouver

The tension in Vancouver between one cyclist and a motorist came to a boil Friday, Jan 24., when Edward Hoey, […]