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The proper way to pedal with one leg

Add this drill to your trainer workout to boost your pedalling performance

Use your power meter for the perfect interval

With the right data displayed on your head unit, you’ll nail your efforts

How to ride a strong century

How to get through that 160-km ride you’ve been hoping to do without bonking.

How to handle surges within the peloton

Using cadence effectively to handle changes of pace in the peloton.

Don’t mountain bike like a roadie: Cornering on the trail

When you roll down some singletrack on your mountain bike, all kinds of obstacles lie in your path. Roots, trees, rocks and rutted trails are all conspiring to knock you off your bike.

Cadence pyramid drills will make you a smoother rider in a group

Learn to spin better with cadence pyramid drills. You’ll be able to handle surges in groups rides much easier.

How to stay fit and keep your strength up for all your muddy cyclocross races

For ‘cross, how do you best manage your efforts and energy for the length of the season?

Head to the couch to ride better

Stretching is an often overlooked but important part of becoming a better cyclist. Hamstrings, quads and calves are all obvious […]

The hamstring stretch that will improve your pedalling performance

Adequate hamstring mobility has a direct effect on your cycling performance. The quadriceps and hamstrings are antagonistic muscles: when the one fires the other shuts off. Think of kicking a ball. As the leg is swinging toward the limit of its range of motion, the hamstrings fire, shutting off the quadriceps to ensure that your leg doesn’t go beyond its range. A limited range of motion means a shorter, weaker kick. A similar scenario plays out on the bike. When your hamstrings lack range of motion, they turn on during the pedal stroke, shutting off the quadriceps and hindering the power you can produce.

Ultimate Plus winter training

A perfect workout for the trainer is the Ultimate Plus, developed by Guy Thibault from the University of Montreal’s department of kinesiology. The workout doesn’t have prescribed heart rate or power zones. In addition to being a challenging workout, the Ultimate Plus is also an excellent exercise in developing your pacing.