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How Bridge Bike Works plans to make carbon frames in Toronto

A cool factory, a detailed process and an all-road machine on the way

Bridge Bike Works Photo by: Chris Monette/Bridge Bike Works

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Michael Yakubowicz and Frank Gairdner are behind Bridge Bike Works, a new company that’s aiming to roll out a made-in-Toronto carbon-fibre bike this summer. Join the duo for a tour of their factory to learn more about how a modern bike is made. Also, find out why these two Canadian guys think it’s a good idea to work with composites right in their city.

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Bridge Bike Works
The Bridge Bike Works factory in Toronto. Image: Chris Monette/Bridge Bike Works
Bridge Bike Works
A future head tube. Prepreg carbon fibre is wrapped around a bladder and set in an aluminum mould. Image: Chris Monette/Bridge Bike Works
Bridge Bike Works
A carbon-fibre mock-up that is one half the size of a standard bike frame. Image: Chris Monette/Bridge Bike Works
Bridge Bike Works
Bridge Bike Works co-founder Michael Yakubowicz (left), lead engineer Thanos Drivas and co-founder Frank Gairdner at work in the Toronto factory. Image: Chris Monette/Bridge Bike Works

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