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Building a cyclist’s mental toolkit with Mark Beaumont

The long-distance and adventure cyclist discusses the psychological elements that can make you a better rider

Mark Beaumont Photo by: Courtesy Mark Beaumont

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Mark Beaumont has the world record for circumnavigating the world by bike. He also documents his big rides—down a massive volcano or from Cairo to Cape Town—on GCN. His latest book, The Complete Guide to Cycling Psychology (written with Dr. Jim Taylor), draws on his adventures and his co-author’s expertise to provide you with ways to boost your mental game on the bike. This wide-ranging and inspiring conversation with Beaumont will help you to start training your mind. The rider also talks about bike design as he’s consulted on the new Argon 18 Krypton, the Montreal company’s all-road bike.

The two Matts chat about La Vuelta Femenina, prairie dogs and something you shouldn’t do with a cargo bike.

Mark Beaumont
Mark Beaumont

The Complete Guide to Cycling Psychology

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