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Listen: Cory Wallace and the art of lockdown in Nepal

The 24-hour mountain bike champion on taking it easy at 2,500 m

Cory Wallace Annapurna challenge Photo by: Patrick Means

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In mid-May, Cory Wallace, the three-time 24-hour mountain bike champion and Annapurna circuit record holder from Jasper, Alta., was living a simple life in the Solukhumbu region of Nepal, which is where he’s been since the country went into lockdown in late March. He’s had lots of time to think and even cook up a wild escape route from Nepal that he’s mentioned on his website. It’s only something he’d use if, as he says, “it does go sideways.” In this episode of the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast, Wallace discusses solo riding. Are you born a solo rider or can you become one? He mentions the mental fortitude you need in cycling. He’s got that in spades, but it seems even the mountain bike marathon specialist can work on boosting his abilities. He’s been improving his mediation skills while staying put in Nepal. In normal times, top riders often live monk-like existences, but for Wallace, his life has become even more like that of an ascetic. Have a listen to Wallace’s insights from 2,500 m above sea level.

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