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How is Carter Woods planning to win his next race?

The cross country World Cup victor looks ahead to the second act of his season

Carter Woods Photo by: Andy Vathis

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“Peter, how am I going to win this race tomorrow?”

It’s a question that Carter Woods occasionally asks his Norco Factory teammate, Peter Disera. It may seem a bit cheeky, but it leads to a discussion of race tactics and strategy. As Woods mentions in this interview, you can’t win World Cup races with sheer pedal power. Earlier this year, Woods nailed the race tactics on two notable occasions.

From about mid-April to July, Woods and his cross country team had a long European campaign, competing in a variety of events, including four World Cup races. Woods won the under-23 race in Albstadt, Germany—his first World Cup win and the first World Cup win by an elite Canadian man since Geoff Kabush won in Bromont in 2009. Then, just a week after Albstadt, Woods won another World Cup, Nové Město in the Czech Republic.

The Cumberland, B.C., native also speaks about the racing scene on Vancouver Island, which was important in his development as a rider. There’s some cyclocross talk, too. Remember, he’s the 2018 junior national champion.

The discussion starts with bikepacking. Before the interview, Woods had just gotten back from a tour on the island. It was a way to explore his home turf and prepare for the second part of his season.

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