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Jenn Jackson on World Cup mountain biking, the Hawaiian shirt, wrenching and cookies

The rider also looks ahead to her cyclocross season and back to a Jedi mind trick by Sandra Walter

Jenn Jackson Photo by: Andy Vathis/Norco

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You know Jenn Jackson. She races cross country at the World Cup level, she digs cyclocross, she’s a bike mechanic, she sometimes bakes cookies and hands them out at events. And she’s all around into bikes.

Canadian Cycling Magazine editor Matthew Pioro spoke with Jackson not long after she returned from her second trip to Europe this year where she had raced the cross country world championships and the Lenzerheide World Cup. She was at her home in Horseshoe Valley, near Barrie, Ont., for a bit. Now, as this episode is coming out, she’s getting ready for the final World Cup of the season in Snowshoe, W. Va., and then is on to cross country nationals. It’s been a long season for Jackson.

Jackson has a lot of respect for Canada’s tradition and strength in the field of cross country mountain biking. But she’s concerned as things seem to be waning when it comes to results. She feels an internal pressure to carry on the legacy of riders, such as Catharine Pendrel, Marie-Hélène Prémont, Chrissy Redden and Alison Sydor.

While there is deep reflection on the season’s ups and downs, Jackson is also still having fun. Remember the Hawaiian shirt she wore at cyclocross races? That comes up as well as possible sartorial options for this year’s CX season. So have a listen to the ever-insightful Jenn Jackson.

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