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Pier-André Côté on his big win and on managing risk in bike races

The sprinter, and actuary student, has had a strong start to his season

Pier-André Côté Photo by: Human Powered Health

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In March, Pier-André Côté won the one-day race Grand Prix Criquielion. He rides for Human Powered Health and is now in his fourth year with the U.S.-based ProTeam. The team’s race schedule has been bringing Côté to Europe pretty consistently since 2019. The sprinter is from Gaspé and he grew up in Levis, near Quebec City. His current home is Girona, which makes for a solid European base.

In this episode, Côté discusses connections between hockey and cycling and the nature of risk in bike racing. He knows a thing or two about financial risk, as he’s studying to be an actuary. He definitely has a numerical, analytical mind. Yet, he balances that with a certain wisdom that goes beyond number crunching. His discussion about power meters and his relationship with them and his training contains insights that many of us who are training with power should think about.

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