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Podcast: 24 hours on the world’s smallest track and the Christmas ’cross dispatches

An elite track cyclist plans to ride a 138-m track to raise funds for a grassroots velodrome. Michael van den Ham, Ruby West and Jenn Jackson report from Belgium

Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast Episode 8

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Rider Ed Veal plans to ride for 24 hours starting Feb. 2 at 11:11 a.m. on the track at the Forest City Velodrome. Constructed in 1955, the building that houses the track is in need of some upgrades. Veal’s ride is part of a fundraiser to help keep the facility going. The track itself is in an old hockey rink, and at 138 m, is considered by many to be the smallest permanent track in the world. Veal will face banks as steep as 51 degrees and serious G forces every six to 10 seconds. To help out with the fundraising efforts, head to the Forest City Velodrome’s Real Deal 24-Hour Track Attack page.

Full Send/No Send is back. Matthew Pioro and Dan Walker discuss the new kit that EF Education First Pro Cycling will be sporting in 2019. Is January too early get excited about road racing? And, how cold is too cold for a ride?

From Dec. 23 to Jan. 1, a group of athletes participated in Cycling Canada’s Christmas ’Cross Camp. It’s a project that brings Canadians to the mud of Belgium to ride in some of the discipline’s biggest races against some of its biggest stars. Throughout the Kerstperiode, national champions Michael van den Ham and Ruby West, as well as Jenn Jackson, kept audio diaries. Their words will draw you into the highs and lows of racing abroad when most are at home with family.

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Podcast artwork by Maxine Gravina

The Christmas ‘cross dispatches feature “Like Music (cdk Mix)” by Analog By Nature featuring Phasenwandler. Copyright 2015. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike (3.0) licence.

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