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The Biking Lawyer has tips for staying safe on the road

Empowering cycling knowledge from Dave Shellnutt

David Shellnutt Photo by: The Biking Lawyer

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Since 2020, Dave Shellnutt, the Biking Lawyer, has been a legal force behind cyclists in southern Ontario. With his partner Joel Zanatta based in Vancouver, the pair cover a lot of ground advocating for riders.

At Canadian Cycling Magazine, editors often call on Shellnutt when they need an expert quote or insight about road safety and cyclists’ rights. Shellnutt is quite active in the community. He not only commutes, but races gravel, too. He does workshops. He’s also behind the Bike Bridge, an initiative that gets food to communities in need.

Not long after Shellnutt spoke with Canadian Cycling Magazine’s Matthew Pioro, the lawyer called out the president of the Toronto Blue Jays. Mark Shapiro wanted an end to one of the city’s active transportation arteries so ball fans could have an easier time driving their cars to games. You can imagine how Shellnutt felt about that idea. He’ll call baloney when he sees baloney.

The main goal for this conversation with Shellnutt is to bring you tips and advice for staying safe on the road and for what to do in a crash. Crashes are not a great subject. But we have to be ready if the worst happens. The Biking Lawyer can help.

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