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World Cup cross country rider Gunnar Holmgren packs a lot of coffee

The Orillia, Ont., athlete talks racing in Europe, java, cooking and...figure skating

Gunnar Holmgren Photo by: Matt Stetson

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How much coffee does Gunnar Holmgren travel with for a two-month stint of racing cross country in Europe? A lot. In this episode of the Canadian Cycling Magazine Podcast, the under-23 rider from Orillia, Ont., who’s with the Quebec-based Pivot Cycles-OTE, not only discusses coffee, but World Cup mountain biking, ambitious cooking exploits, ambitious cyclocross projects and figure skating. Yes. Figure skating. Before Holmgren started to really focus on mountain biking and cyclocross at around age 13, he was a serious figure skater. Since totally switching to bikes, he’s won the Canada Cup overall as a junior. He’s also been a national cyclocross champion three times: twice in under-23 and once as a junior. So tune in for a conversation with barista, cook, coach, but most of all, racer—Gunnar Holmgren.

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