Gallery: Elite, Jr, and Under-23 national championships

Highlights from an action packed day of championship cyclocross racing in Peterborough, Ont.

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Another exciting year of championship cyclocross racing is in the books, with two epic battles leading to repeat winners in the elite races. Maghalie Rochette and Michael van den Ham both defended their titles in Peterborough, but not without a fight.

2019 was also the first junior women’s cyclocross national championships, with Emilly Johnston winning the first maple leaf jersey to be awarded in the Category.

More solid battles saw upsets and return winners in the under-23 races. Gunnar Holmgren and Sidney McGill leave Peterborough as the champs in that category.

Scroll through the galleries below for highlights from each of these thrilling races at 2019 Canadian cyclocross national championships in Peterborough, Ont.

Elite Women

Elite Men

Under-23 Women

Under-23 Men

Junior Women and Men