As Canada wades into the Winter months, Canadian Cycling Magazine is introducing a new feature: Trainer Viewing. Every week, we’ll dig up the best viewing material to watch while you ride the rollers. From classic races to pop culture and who knows what else.

This week, Trainer viewing is all about sand. Cyclocross World Cup racing returns to the dunes of Koksijde, one of the most physical and challenging cyclocross courses on the circuit. You can tune in live on the UCI’s YouTube channel to watch Maghalie Rochette take on the famous course.

If you need more trainer viewing material, here’s a few classic editions of the course, and some non-cycling sand-based movies to help you spin through your workouts indoors. Watch one of the most epic generational battles, Marianne Vos, tiny junior versions of van der Poel and van Aert chopping each other in the sand, and even a junior Niels Albert. Plus Dwayne “No Longer The Rock” Johnson, Keanu Reeves and your next favourite British rom-com. There may be snow outside, but life’s still a beach.

2015 Koksijde World Cup – Nys’ 50th win

One of the best ever races at Koksijde saw three titans of cyclocross battling on the sand dunes. Sven Nys was approaching the end of his career, but not slowing down at all. His challengers were the ascendant rivals, Mathieu van der Poel and Wout van Aert. Also in the mix, Lars van der Haar, during one of his fastest eras.

2015 Koksijde World Cup –  Cant v. Brammeier

Sanne Cant, Nikki Harris (now Brammeier), and Katie Compton, chased by Pavla Havlikova and Sophie de Boer. It’s amazing looking back and seeing how many riders are still using Canti brakes here. Some are on disc, but this was the era when there was actually a debate over which was faster for racing cross.

2011 Koksijde World Cup – Junior foreshadowing and Nys/Pauwels controversy

Go back a few more years and canti brakes are the norm as cartoon junior versions of van der Poel and van Aert chop each other hard in the junior race. Marianne Vos duels with Daphny Van Den Brand while Katie Compton chases in Rabobank kit, not the stars and stripes, not far behind. In the men’s race, Nys features in another memorable edition of Koksijde. This time, a controversial finish between Nys and Kevin Pauwels makes it one for the books. Not just a two-up race, Bart Aernouts, Zdenek Stybar and Tom Meeusen all animate procedings.

2003 Koksijde World Cup – Junior Niels Albert

Quick highlights of a very young Niels Albert racing Lars Boom and Bart Aernouts in the junior event are a reminder of just how short Albert’s shining career was. In the elite men’s race we see Ben Berden before his move to America battling Richard Groenendaal. Some of the era’s biggest names, Erwin Vervecken, Bart Wellens, and Sven Nys chase close behind. What’s the theme? Nys. From 2003 all the way to 2015.

Baywatch (2017)

The movie version of the classic 90’s TV show of the same name didn’t quite live up to the originals reputation. Even a cameo from David Hasselhoff himself can’t save it. It’s terrible, but not quite bad enough to crossover into “amazingly bad” territory. Still, it’s entertaining, and after 2 hours on a trainer you’ll still be able to follow the plot and you might even start to find the jokes funny. Plus, it’s on Netflix. Baywatch is not destined to be a cult classic so watch it now, while you still can.

Point Break (1991)

Keanu Reeves is Johnny Utah, a young hotshot FBI agent. Gary Busey is his jaded surly FBI boss. Patrick Swayze is Bodhi, the leader of a gang of criminal surfers. When Utah goes undercover, tempers flare and emotions run high. This classic is not on Netflix, but it is on VHS. If you don’t have time for the whole movie, or don’t remember what a VHS is, watch Season 1, Episode three of Lovesick (formerly Scrotal Recall, and I’m still sad they changed the name) on Netflix for Luke’s dramatic reenactment of the movie in 20 seconds.

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