Master your cyclocross corning skills with coach Peter Glassford. A often overlooked cyclocross skill, good cornering can make a big difference to your speed and smoothness through a course. Confidence in your cornering skills can make the difference when navigating tricky courses or single track on your local training routes. These tips will help you keep traction and help you keep your speed when navigating corners on your cyclocross bike.

The science behind cornering properly involves tracking well through three points. The place you enter the turn, the apex of the corner and finally the place you exit the corner. If you can get your line right, you will keep more speed through the corner.

Cornering is made trickier on uneven surfaces like sand, mud, in ruts or in off-camber corners. These conditions can change the line you need to take and necessitate you slightly weight your bike differently to keep traction.

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