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Geoff Kabush helps launch Fox 32 TC gravel fork

"Taper-Cast" brings the Kashima gold to drop bar bikes

Photo by: Fox

As gravel progresses, and more bikes and riders opt for off-road suspension, there comes a time when real and established technology replaces the wild west-style leaf springs and flex stems. With the arrival of Fox’s 32 Taper-Cast gravel fork, it appears gravel suspension has fully arrived.

The 32 TC will look familiar to gravel gear keeners. Fox has teased gravel suspension for years through its R.A.D. prototype program. Then the Fox AX arrived. Now, after years of testing under pro riders, the Fox 32 TC is available for everyone.

Product details: Fox 32 Taper Cast

Three levels of the 32 Taper Cast are available. They range from the gold and orange “Factory” level to Performance Elite and Performance series, depending on stanchion coating and damper type. Factory and Performance Elite comes with the Fit4 damper while the Performance line comes with Fox’s Grip damper. Both dampers use a three-position on the fly adjustment to open and close the fork. instead of using spacers to reduce travel, the 32 TC is custom-tuned for gravel riding. The Factory line uses Fox’s iconic gold Kashima coating. The two Performance series forks use a black anodizing finish.

All versions of the 32 TC use a drop-crown profile and new knob shape to improve downtube clearance. The fork has a claimed weight of 1,226 grams (making it, unsurprisingly, Fox’s lightest fork ever). Both 160mm and 180mm flat-mount disc brakes will work with the gravel fork.

There are a few key features unique to the 32 TC. The fork has adjustable travel, up to 50mm. It also uses a reverse arch not found on any other Fox forks. This helps improve downtube clearance, by keeping the arch lower and closer to the tire, and lets Fox lower the fork’s overall weight.

Other features, like integrated fender mounts and lower leg air and oil bypass channels, are carried over from Fox’s highly regarded mountain bike suspension lines.

Amity Rockwell, UNBOUND Gravel winner, also helped develop the 32 TC. Photo: Fox.

Geoff Kabush helps test the Fox 32 TC

Canadian veteran mountain bike racer, gravel pioneer (and pot-stirrer) and general gear-obsessed pro, Geoff Kabush helped Fox develop and test the new mixed-surface fork.

“Really impressed with performance/ride quality/ability improvement to send it with the fork even with just 40mm. Can do some rougher longer days and stay fresh and less beat up. Worth the weight for general riding to me and fun to “no brake” sections that I used to pucker up for.”- Geoff Kabush

Watch and find out more about Fox’s testing process below.

Fox – 32 TC Test Session with Geoff Kabush



32 Taper-Cast Gravel Fork Specs:

  • 40mm and 50mm travel options
  • FIT4 and Grip damper options
  • 12 x 100mm Kabolt axle
  • Flat mount 160 and 180mm rotor compatible
  • Max tire size 700c x 50mm
    • (Optimized for 700c – not 650b compatible)
  • Integrated fender mounts
    • (700c x 45mm max tire with fender)
  • Longer steer tube to fit larger frames/longer head tubes
  • 1 1/2” – 1 1/8” tapered steer tube
  • 45mm and 50mm offset options
  • Axle-to-crown 435.5mm – 445.5mm
  • 1226g

Fox 32 Taper-Cast MSRP Range: $1,279 – $1,039