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Gallery: Ice, snow and mud at Steaming Nostril

Riders were greeted with cold temperatures on the gravel paths and farm tracks of the Waterloo Region

Steaming Nostril

Over 300 riders lined up at the sixth annual Steaming Nostril and Runny Nose spring race. The event uses sections of gravel, farm paths and features the longest kilometre through a Mennonite farm in Waterloo Region of southern Ontario. With a 40 km short course Runny Nose race and a 65 km Steaming Nostril, riders had a parkour covered in snow, ice and lots of mud over the various surfaces to tackle. Suffice to say, the course took its toll packing drivetrains with mud leading to many broken derailleurs and chains.

A combination of UCI level riders, recreational athletes and serious enthusiasts set out on a variety of cross, mountain bikes and fat bikes for a fun day of riding in the spring cold.

As riders navigated the technical course and tackled the courses most difficult section through a Mennonite farmers property in Maple Valley and Mud Mountain, Lauren Daniells was on hand to capture the fun.

Ashley Barson (Rise Racing) and Matt Surch (Tekne Cycle Club) won the long course Steaming Nostril event while Paul Jerome and Melissa Cooper-Vanderbolt (Milton Bicycle Club) won the Runny Nose.