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Pro adds Discover Team gravel bags and two new mixed-surface specific handlebars

LT Gravel handlebar is Pro's most affordable yet.

Pro Discover Team bag Photo by: Shimano

Shimano’s been going deep into the gravel game lately, with shoes, drivetrains and all other manner of mixed-surface-specific gear. It’s no surprise, then, that the Japanese brand’s component line, Pro, is releasing a whole line of gravel / bikepacking bags. And a pair of gravel-specific handlebars to match, including its lowest price-point bar to date.

Pro Discover Gravel Bags

The Discover line now includes two lines of gravel bags, which presumably could be used for bikepacking on other bicycles as well. There are five new Discover line bags for 2021. These are split between three Discover Team bags, which are lighter and more waterproof than the standard Discover bags.

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Discover Team bags

The Discover Team line comes in a sharp-looking black colour. This material is lighter than the standard Discover bags. It’s also waterproof, and durable for more serious – or “team-level” adventures. With light-weight construction, Pro claims the Team line bags are up to 45% lighter than the standard Discover bags.

Three bags make up the Discover Team line. An 80g, 0.7L capacity top tube bag for snacks. A 10L capacity seat tube bag adds more storage and weighs 310g. Finally, a 5.5L frame bag tips the scales at 150g and adds more storage space for heavier items.

Discover Team bags range in price from $105 for the top tube bag to $240 for the seat bag.

Discover line updated for 2021

The Discover line gets a little more refined and a little more versatile for 2021. The Discover top tube and frame bag are both redesigned for 2021 to add features and improve ease of access.

The Handlebar Pack is a neat add-on or standalone bar pack. Designed for smaller items, the pack attaches to the Discover handlebar bag, or directly to the bar on its own.

Pro’s Discover Handlebar Pack retails for $74.00. Updated Discover top tube packs are $67.00, while the frame bag is $105.00.

Pro Discover
Pro Discover and LT Gravel handlebars

Discover Alloy and LT Gravel handlebars

Pro’s Discover handlebar made its debut in carbon fibre. Now there is a more adventure-friendly Discover Alloy option. The bar uses a 20-degree flare, 5-degree back sweep for better hand positioning off-road, a 110mm drop and 75mm reach. The Discover Alloy handlebar retails for $120.00.

New for 2021, Pro is also adding the LT Gravel handlebar. It is notable for a few reasons. It has the widest reach and shallowest flare of Pro’s handlebars. It’s also the most affordable in Pro’s lineup, at $50.00. The LT Gravel has a 100mm drop, 65mm reach and slim 10-degree flare. It comes in widths from 40cm to 46cm, in 2cm increments.