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Shimano RX8 gravel shoe gets sweeter with “Cactus Berry” edition

Shimano SPD Sandals are back, along with new value performance road shoes

Shimano RX8 Cactus Berry

Last year Shimano introduced its first dedicated gravel shoe, the RX8. Now the Japanese brand is injecting a bit of colour into your off-road experience with the Cactus Berry edition RX8.

It’s not the only update from Shimano, either. The surprise return of the SD-501 SPD Sandal gets an expanded release, as well as improved entry-level options for 2021.

Juicy: Shimano RX8 Cactus Berry

While gravel exists everywhere, many of the more iconic gravel races have emerged from the U.S. Southwest. When Shimano wanted to inject a bit of colour into the RX8, its gravel race shoe, it turned to that same landscape.

The inspiration for this colourful design came from a gravel ride near my house where I was blown away by the beauty of a Santa Rita Prickly Pear Cactus on the side of the trail,” explains Jessie Gascon, Shimano’s Lifestyle Gear Product Manager.

The new shimmering colour for this mixed-surface shoe continues to blend Shimano’s premium mountain bike and road footwear. Shimano Cactus Berry RX8 will be ripe and ready to purchase starting in September 2020 for nicely rounded price of $360.00.

Shimano SD-501 SPD Sandals get a wider release

When Shimano revived the SPD Sandal for a limited anniversary edition release of the much-loved, and often derided sport-casual footwear line, the internet lost its collective mind. With the attention that surprise release garnered, Shimano decided it was time for a wider release. The SD-501 is black, not limited-edition blue, but it is still an SPD Sandal and retails for $180.00.

Shimano RC3 and RC1 Performance at a value and entry-level options

Shimano continues to expand its performance road line, bringing technology from S-Phyre to a price with broader appeal. The RC3 and RC1 are focused on providing quality fit and function, with impressive value.

The RC3, which looks quite a bit like last year’s RC5 except with a single Boa closure system, tips the scale towards a performance at a value price of $180.00

Shimano’s RC1 is an entry-level road shoe, using a triple-velcro closure system. Both come in men’s and women’s versions. The no-nonsense design will get you into a performance road shoe for $130.00.