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Watch ‘The Balkans Mirage’ is a new take on adventure film

Fact and fiction blend as 'A Journey on Wheels' unfolds

The Balkans Mirage

Have you ever wondered why Wes Anderson doesn’t make movies about bikepacking? Or what it would look like if he did? Or just wanted a different take and style from a bikepacking video, apart from the usual – and kind of standard – bikepacking fare?

Wonder no longer. The Balkans Mirage is a short film from, and about, a quartet of Quebec friends who set off on “a journey on wheels.” Along with their bikes, the group has a mission to document every moment of the trip on film. A straightforward trip through the Balkan Peninsula turns into something else as fact bleeds into fiction and The Balkans Mirage takes shape.

Grab your popcorn and settle in for something just a little different.

The Balkans Mirage: A Journey on Wheels

Four friends, bound by a thirst for adventure, bid farewell to the cozy comforts of home and embark on a cycling journey through the Balkans. Felix and Nicolas, armed with their cameras, will stop at nothing to immortalize every moment. Alongside them, is Annie, a determined scientist on a quest to uncover the secrets of a most enigmatic species of bats. And then there’s Mathieu, who quite frankly, hasn’t a clue what he’s gotten himself into…

7mesh presents in collaboration with Apidura, Manitonga and HLC bikes a ENROUTELIBRE picture directed by Nicolas Bellavance & produced by Felix Burke
Starring : Nicolas Bellavance, Felix Burke, Mathieu Langevin, Annie Thibault
Narrator : Louise Saint-Claire
Production year : 2023