Open Roads, Closing Wounds
By Charles Mandel
With the help of a ride through Europe, Canadian veterans confront the effects of recent conflicts.

Be a Cycling Snowbird
By Cheryl Madliger
Improve your fitness and skills with an off-season training camp.

The Celebrated Mountain Biker
By Kirsten Frattini
Canada honours Alison Sydor’s successful career on the trails and road.


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    The Scene

    Cycling Celebrity
    Filmmaker Rob Stewart
    by Matthew Pioro

    Svein Tuft
    by Rob Sturney

    U.S. Border Crossing
    by Larry Humber

    2013 National Champions
    by Dean Campbell

    Mountain Bike School
    by Cheryl Madliger

    After the Bike Accident
    by Larry Humber

    Books and DVDs
    Fit & Healthy Pregnancy; Tour de France 100 (x2)

    Canadian Club
    Northern Bush Rastas
    by Dean Campbell

    Cut your teeth in cycling
    by James “Cranky” Ramsay

    Rookie Roadie
    The search for the right coach
    by Bart Egnal

    48 Hours
    Winnipeg’s cycling for all seasons
    by Jeff Bartlett

    Guest Chef
    Jonathan Shepheard’s caramelized banana oatmeal
    by Matthew Pioro

    Smoothie move
    by Matthew Kadey


    Training Tips
    Maximizing fitness on minimal time
    by Stephen Cheung

    Cyclocross tips from champion Lars van der Haar
    by Keir Plaice

    Setting your pneumatic suspension
    by Barry Fraser


    On Colombia’s Long Climbs with Very Happy Riders
    Easy-going riding in a landscape that fosters pros.
    by Jeff Douglas


    Specialized S-Works Ruby

    Comfort with a competitive edge

    Cannondale Synapse Hi-Mod Black Inc.
    Tough on the outside, smooth on the inside

    Bianchi Oltre XR
    The celeste speed machine


    Marin Team CXR 29er Pro XT
    An XC race machine that climbs quickly and flows over obstacles

    Cross Country Race Whips
    Three machines for speeding down singletrack

    Rapide Fire

    Saddle Up (or Down)
    Four height-adjustable posts that set your seat on the fly

    2014 Gear Preview
    A look ahead to the bikes and accessories that are coming to a shop near you