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Crashes, close calls and a full run of the 2022 DarkFest course

Massive jumps in South Africa

Photo by: Sam Reynolds / YouTube

What do you do when you finally spot the landing of a massive front flip and the guy you were following is on the ground in your path?

That’s not a scenario most of us will face, ever, but it’s a distinct possibility at DarkFest in South Africa. In fact, Sam Reynold’s shows exactly what happens as the crew of men and women test out the new Hellsend line.

After the “warm up,” the riders head over to the full DarkFest line for full, top-to-bottom runs of the 2022 course. And it is insanity.

DarkFest 2022 First Sessions

From Sam Reynolds:

Darkfest 2022 is finally here! Time to unleash the world’s best riders on the craziest jumps of all time! The guys and girls waste no time on the first day sessioning the new Hellsend line. Casey, Chelsea, Robin, Hannah and Vero start getting comfortable before the next day moving over to the big DarkFest line as get started on conquering the jumps! Bienve, myself, Isted Theo and the gang open up the course and get some top to bottom lines going! Let the craziness begin!