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5 reasons why dating a mountain biker is awesome

Whether you ride or not, cyclists make the best dates

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day: the most romantic day of the year. If you’re sitting across a candle-lit table from someone who has already talked about suspension settings twice, before the free bread arrived, or if you’re wondering which way to swipe on that posed “bike on a mountain in #nature” Tinder profile picture, here’s five reasons you should say yes to the bike this Valentine’s Day.

Vacations to all the best mountain towns
All you have to do to on this carefree weekend away is spend an hour or so waiting in a feed zone with a water bottle while they race. Don’t worry, there’ll be plenty of other people nervously watching so they don’t miss when their racer/partner to flies past. You can connect with your fellow feed zoners during your romantic weekend bonding time, while your partner races. Bonus: these feed zones are usually filled with more “beverages” than water bottles, just make sure to hand off the right one.

Hand-me-down bike parts
Even if your S.O. doesn’t ride the same frame size, making sure all your parts standards are compatible is as important as matching up your astrological signs properly. Statistically speaking, if you both ride, one of you is going to be the type of gear junkie who replaces parts every year / six months / time something new is available, regardless of wear or use. Proper pairing will make sure you both benefit from this compulsive upgrading.

Saturday mornings all to yourself
There’s nothing better than a quiet Saturday morning all to yourself. After a week cooped up in the office, your partner will be out of the house at dawn, leaving you to enjoy your weekend at a more casual pace. Why? Because Saturday’s are, depending on who’s sitting across from you, ferda boys or ferda girls. “Just a short ride” should have them back at, or around sundown.

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Free coaching
All the riding tips and gear advice you could possibly want, and then some more. If you don’t already mountain bike, he/she will spend the first several months of your relationship convincing you that you should. Which is fair, because mountain biking is the best. Or it will be, after the first ride, when she/he forgets what “beginner” means and helpfully coaches you down a favourite local black-diamond run. It’s not a double black, right?

The Fashion
On or off the bike, your new date will have loads of style. As long as you like flannel, hats and free bike-related t-shirts. Because nothing says “sexy” like SRAM or Shimano. Depending on your S.O.’s component preferences, one of the two will be plastered on half of your partner’s clothing. Or both, if they shift both ways. Add in the post-ride shorts, flannel and sandals look (which they will wear every day, because every hour not spend riding is pre- or post-ride time) and you have yourself a runway worthy soulmate. Just don’t make the mistake of trying to replace their heavily worn flannel as a gift. It’s worn in, not worn out, and getting rid of it is not on the table.