700 takes: Danny MacAskill’s “Gymnasium” behind the scenes

Danny's workout regimen might have been a little harder than it looked

January 10th, 2020 by | Posted in MTB | Tags: , ,

Well, Danny MacAskill’s done it again. Gymnasium made the “new year, new you” routine look more fun, than a chore.

But what actually goes in to all the trails star’s seemingly effortless tricks?

About 700 takes, for some of the more complicated tricks, apparently.

The final product looks seamless, smooth and so very stylish. But behind the scenes, there’s enough hard work from MacAskill and his crew to put even the most dedicated New Year’s resolution workout regime to shame.

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Does seeing what goes into a shoot like Gymnasium make you want to get after your own New Year’s goals? Or is it just really impressive to watch?

Danny MacAskill’s Gymnasium Routing – Behind the Scenes