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Aaron Gwin takes us to his favourite place in “Timeless” Ep. 3

Clay Porter's excellent series is back to close out 2020 with a third episode

Aaron Gwin timeless 3 Photo by: Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin is back with the third episode of his Timeless web series, and it’s a good one.

Gwin and iconic mountain bike videographer Clay Porter keep it simple this time around. After earlier episodes focused on the American’s personal life and past, Ep.3 is all about riding.

Gwin and Porter head to Mammoth Mountian in Northern California. Mammoth has a long history in mountain biking, including the legendary Kamikaze downhill race, and remains Gwin’s favourite site for training away from his SoCal home.

It’s a slow, reflective moment (ridden at breakneck speed) before Porter and Gwin head back to Europe for a hectic World Cup season in the fourth of five Timeless episodes.

Timeless Ep.3: My Favourite Place

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