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Aaron Gwin “Timeless” Ep.2 looks back at the season that started it all

What's changed for the American between 2010 and 2020?

Aaron Gwin Timeless ep 2 Photo by: Aaron Gwin

Aaron Gwin and Clay Porter, two legendary figures in the world of downhill racing, are back with Episode 2 of Timeless. This installment sees Gwin going back to his motocross roots and breaking down his approach to training and racing.

That means plenty of very fast riding on his SoCal home trails mixed in with Porter’s extensive archive of classic World Cup race footage.

After starting with the unexpected in Shelter in Place, the second episode of Gwin and Porter’s five-part series switches focus. Porter and Gwin’s relationship goes back 10 years to the filmmaker’s iconic Three Minute GapsLooking back now, Timeless dives into what’s changed between that movie’s release in 2010 and now. Including the American’s breakout season in 2011.

Of course, life isn’t all about bikes. With 2020 racing postponed, Gwin steps away from the bike to mark a major milestone in his personal life.

Aaron Gwin: Timeless – Ep. 2 – I Do

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