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Andréane Lanthier Nadeau drops out of EWS Loudenvielle

Rocky Mountain / Race Face enduro athlete's training crash ends part one of double-header weekend

2021 Rocky Mountain Race Face Enduro Team ALN Andréane Lanthier Nadeau Photo by: Margus Riga

Andréane Lanthier Nadeau pulled out of Thursday’s Enduro World Series race in Loudenvielle, France today. The Canadian crashed during Wednesday’s practice. After experiencing concussion symptoms, the Rocky Mountain Race Face withdrew from the EWS round.

Lanthier Nadeau shared that she is “Confidently and without a doubt pulling the plug on racing for tomorrow” after the crash. There’s been growing awareness of the long term impacts of concussions. ALN cited long term health concerns in her decision not to race.

“We’ve only got one brain and there is so much to life I want to keep enjoying,” ALN shared, adding “There’ll be other races.”

Lanthier Nadeau rolled into Loudenvielle EWS weekend sitting sixth overall in the series rankings. The double-header weekend is the first race back after a lengthy break in the Enduro World Series calendar.

ALN added that she is “Hearbroken” to have to pull out of Thursday’s race.

After Thursday’s Pro-only round, there’s another training day on Friday before the second EWS race on Saturday and Sunday.

Lanthier Nadeau’s teammates, Remi Gauvin and Jesse Melamed, are both in France for this week’s racing.

While the decision has to be a hard one to make, the Canadian kept her sense of humor, closing with “Hoping the headache eases off so I can get knitting.”

You can see ALN’s crash below. The Canadian looses her front wheel on a slick-looking rock before going over the bars. While the crash doesn’t look that harsh – by pro EWS standards – it’s a good reminder that the type of fall is more important than how hard it looks when it comes to brain health.